Our Vision:

Our vision is to share Christ with the community of Poplar Bluff by doing life together and using our gifts and passions to serve one another in love.

Our Mission:

Share Life | Share Love | Share Christ

SHARE LIFE. We want to fight life’s battles together, have fun together, and make lifelong friends together through authentic community.

SHARE LOVE. We aim to share the love of Christ through our gifts and passions, in our workplaces, families, friend groups, and community.

SHARE CHRIST. Sharing Christ with others is the ultimate goal of the church and is accomplished through community and loving those around us.

Our Values:

Salvation is found in Christ.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Everything we do points to Jesus.

The Word points the way.

We trust in the authority of the Word to provide us truth about who God is and how we should live in response.

God desires my worship.

We believe that worship happens all week long as we honor God with our lives.

My generosity is a reflection of my heart.

We truly believe it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Prayer works.

God is always listening and we are always praying, knowing that God's way is best. Conversation with God becomes a way of life.

Life is better together.

We were made to be in relationships with others. We are a church of groups because it's the best way for us to grow in our faith journey.

I am a contributor, not a consumer.

The church does not exist for us, we are the church and exist for the world.