We serve because of what God has done for us, we offer our lives back to God through a life of service. As disciples, we become active participants in God’s activity in the world through mission and service. Love of God is always linked to love of neighbor and a passionate commitment to seeking justice and renewal in the world.

We have several different ways you can get involved and connected at First Methodist, but whatever you decide to do make sure you do it with the love of Christ and for His glory.

Contact Blake at or call church office at 573-785-1439 for more information or to sign up click the link below!


Worship is a big deal for us at First Methodist Church. When we gather as God’s people we want to lift high the name of Jesus through song, sermon and sacraments. There are many areas that you can get involved in this area:

  • Band Member

  • Sound board

  • Computer/ Graphic design

  • Stage design


Are you gifted in throwing baby showers and hosting people? Are you good at making people feel loved and welcomed? Do you like food? Then this is the area for you. Everything from Family Dinners to Baby showers.

  • Organize and prepare for parties or events

  • Help people feel welcomed and loved

  • Prepare meals for Wednesday night dinners


Do you enjoy taking pictures? Are you constantly on social media? Do you have a passion and eye for web and app design? Or do you enjoy lighting and sound for events? This area is for you.

  • Photographer- Events/ Activities (On and off campus)

  • Live Video Operator

  • Website/ App updates

  • Social Media

  • Sound and Visual Tech


Living in community and sharing love with the community is a big deal at First Methodist Church. We love our family, but always looking for ways to grow our family. If you like planning parties, or events for new people to attend, or like to have “family reunions” with the people you love most, this serving opportunity is right for you.

  • Events for outreach

  • Events for church

Welcome TEAM:

Never met a stranger before? Love talking to people? Then this is the team for you. Here at First Methodist Church we take pride in wanting to make people feel safe and welcome. Anytime there is an event that takes place, this team is there to meet, greet and seat everyone who comes through the doors.


If you have been around First Methodist Church for any sort of time you know that we have a lot of babies and children! We love that, children are a blessing from the Lord and God has given us much to be responsible for. There are a couple ways to serve:

  • Nursery on Sundays and Wednesdays

  • God Squad on Sundays

  • Journey kids on Wednesday nights


If you have ever been to First Methodist Church on a Wednesday night you will not be able to miss the youth that are in the building. Our youth are apart of the future of the church and the world. They need our prayers and support for this season they are experiencing in their life. You can support them in several ways:

  • Lead a small group

  • Go on youth trips

  • Pick up youth after school/play sports or games with them on Wednesdays

  • Be a mentor


Are you a handy man? Can you swing a hammer and fix anything? Or do you just wanna serve? This is the team for you. This team is also for the ones that love decorating or giving a room a makeover. These people do everything from yard maintenance, to painting classrooms. With an aging building this is a vital team!


Are you a prayer warrior? Do you feel closest to God when you are praying? We need people to meet each week to pray for our church, our community, our school district, our college, the sick and hurting, and for the people that have never experienced the love and grace of God.